Garrett Leight California Optical Harbor Sunglasses with Sport Utility Vision lenses

Sport Utility Vision

With the launch of our collaboration with Jones Sports Co. in 2020, we gave our best-selling Kinney sunglasses a sporty refresh and introduced exclusive Sport Utility Vision lenses—our very first custom lenses designed specifically for the golf course and outdoor activities with color enhancement technology to maximize contrast and improve depth perception.

These special-edition lenses are now a part of our core collection, making a return in our latest Spring Collection on our sleek and refined Harbor aviator sunglasses.

GLCO x Jones Kinney Sun with SUV lensesGLCO x Jones Kinney Sun

Developed with a premium lens material called Trivex, our Sport Utility Vision lenses provide the optical clarity of mineral lenses while also offering an impact-resistant and lightweight sports performance lens. With 100% UV protection and a built-in color equalizing technology, the lenses protect the eyes and reduce the intensity of light, while enhancing color sensitivity and maximizing contrasts for improved depth perception and optimal visual acuity.

Behind the tech:

  • Precision technology adapted from the US military
  • Ballistic resistance for ultimate outdoor protection
  • 100% UV Defense — UV 400
  • Combines the optical clarity of mineral lenses with the lightweight, impact resistance of organic lenses
  • Reduces the intensity of light without minimizing color or depth perception, allowing for optimal visual comfort.