Garrett Leight California Optical Holly


For anyone who remembers when style trends were discovered through taping episodes of 90210, 120 Minutes, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Yo! MTV Raps, '90s fashion will always bring up some fond memories.

On the rocker slash skater side of things, you couldn’t get enough combat boots, ripped 501 button fly jeans, bleached hair, Airwalk sneakers, cargo pants, and of course burly flannels. And on the hip-hop and R&B tip, you were addicted to turtlenecks, Fila sneakers, Timberland boots (especially the green and brown “Beef & Broccoli” joints), bucket hats, fresh rayon shirts, color-blocked leather 8 ball jackets, and Jordans, Jordans, Jordans.

Woman wearing small, oval shape sunglasses with black lensesActor Heath Ledger wearing 90s style small frame sunglasses

Chalk it up to the bullish economy and the fairly mellow political climate, but in hindsight it seems like the '90s fashion vibe really struck a chord due to its lack of formality and urgency. After the hyper aspirational '80s, I think we all wanted a break from striving. “Come as you are” in jeans and a t-shirt felt like a huge relief after so many years of projecting wealth, success, and largesse. Maybe bigger wasn’t better. As always, eyewear was there to answer the call and reflect the signs of the times.

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow wearing matching small oval shape sunglassesJennifer Aniston sporting 90s street style in small, round sunglasses

Our Holly frame is a loving homage to the '90s boundless love for diminutive frames. During our first-ever “Internet Decade” heartthrobs, actors, and trendsetters like Lisa Bonet, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Jason Priestley were all regularly photographed sporting small frames. Maybe it was a subtle counterpoint to the generally oversized vibe of the decade (anyone remember JNCOs?) or maybe it’s just because these frames look awesome on just about anyone, even people who think they can’t pull off a “small frame.”

While the Holly sports a shallow lens, it also features spring hinges that offer increased flexibility and durability to the frame. Instead of relying on a normal 90 degree range of motion, spring hinges can safely stretch further, guaranteeing that they will stay in place no matter where your social calendar takes you. In addition to the spring hinges, the Holly has a grooved metal rib on each of the temple pieces and around the eyes to lend a sophisticated polish to the frame.