GLCO Designer Elena Doukas at home

At Home with Elena Doukas

Meet Elena Doukas, Design Director

Have you introduced any new routines or rituals since staying home?

Each morning, I pile the entire family in the car for a walk and coffee run at our favorite coffee shop, Little Ripper. To finish the day, I’ll enjoy a Campari spritz on our deck.

GLCO designer Elena Doukas holding her baby Garrett Leight Design Director Elena Doukas' dog

What do you do when you need a mood boost?

I like to move my office outside or play the piano.

Garrett Leight Designer Elena Doukas at home GLCO Designer Elena Doukas' piano

What're you wearing? Favorite frames at the moment?

Since the start of the pandemic, blue light lenses have become more popular and I’ve slowly started adopting them as a part of my zoom call uniform. I have a pair of Mr. Leight Getty filled with prescription blue light lenses. I’m wearing a lot of sunglasses on my walks and like the new Hampton and Harding Shields because they don’t fog as much when I’m wearing a mask.

Elena Doukas' favorite Garrett Leight frames Elena Doukas' at home ritual with palo santo

What are you watching/reading?

I’m watching the Queens Gambit and reruns of Schitt’s Creek and Another Period. I’m reading The Secret History.

Elena Doukas' at home decor Elena Doukas' favorite Garrett Leight frames

What is your favorite space in your home?

I love all the outdoor space we have, but my favorite room in the house is our living room. We moved into this house one month before Covid lockdown in Los Angeles with very little furniture. My husband surprised me with a piano and that was the first real piece of furniture we had in the living room. We purposely have made sure the room does not have a TV.

GLCO Designer Elena Doukas' home Garrett Leight Designer Elena Doukas at home

Do you have a favorite story about the early days of GLCO?

I had just been hired by Garrett for his optical store, A. Kinney Court. I was brand new to eyewear and training to be an optician. Simultaneously, we had just begun developing the first Garrett Leight collection and traveled to New York for an eyewear trade show. Some friends, Garrett, and I all ended up at a house party where another girl mentioned her frames needed an adjustment. The temples were loose and slipping off her head. I thought I would show off my newly learned skills and use the stovetop to warm her glasses up. The apartment had gas burners and I ended up completely warping and melting the frame. Not a great party trick to ruin someone’s prescription glasses in front of your boss and coworkers! I was mortified and replaced them the next day. But...I continued to practice as I was determined to be able to adjust glasses on the fly. Can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs!

GLCO Design Director Elena Doukas at home with family