Garrett Leight California Optical Hampton and Harding Shields

Hampton and Harding Shields

For many of us style-conscious folk, the greatest challenge of being in the outdoors isn’t navigating canyons or conquering epic trails. It’s finding sporting gear that we’d also want to rock within city limits.

In order to design frames specifically for sport and outdoor enthusiasts (and city people who want to dress like them), we thought backwards from solving the problems most of us face when exploring new terrain.

While the scenery is often gorgeous, factors like wind, sand, dirt, and UV rays can often present challenges that extend far beyond the sartorial realm.

We started our process by constructing super lightweight frames entirely from nylon (a first for us) and then pairing them with boldly printed neck gaiters made from Aerosilver anti-microbial polyester. These gaiters also block out UV-A, UV-B, and UV-R rays, help keep you warm in cool climates, and keep you safe from environmental baddies like dust and dirt in the city.

Our all nylon frames will debut in four colors across two of our most classic shapes, the Harding, which is available in yellow and G15 green, and the Hampton, which will come in grey and pink. The gaiters are also available in two eye-catching colorways.

As always, you can style these with old favorites like a denim jacket and a vintage tee, or tech them up a bit with a ski-trip worthy fleece and ultra down puffer.

Why battle the elements when you can commune with them, in style?

GLCO Hampton Shield and Gaiter