glco x clare v.

Since 2016, Garrett Leight and Clare Vivier have collaborated to create collectible classics that transcend trend and season. Our collaboration marries California's ocean waves and the French New Wave in an effortlessly chic cat eye frame that has been a best seller since its launch.

Our GLCO x Clare V frame is a contemporary take on a retro classic. With a streamlined cat eye silhouette, the frame is feminine and flattering, while its signature flat base lenses give it a sleek and modern look. Inspired by French and American film icons like Françoise Hardy and Jean Seberg, our GLCO x Clare V. frame is a nod to laidback West Coast style and sophisticated Parisian charm—making these cat eye frames just as appropriate for lounging at the Chateau Marmont as taking a stroll through Montmartre.

GLCO x Clare v.

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