Roman Roy in Succession

Succession Cast in GLCO

Succession is more than a TV series about an insanely dysfunctional Old Money family wheeling, dealing, and backstabbing their way into an uncertain future, it’s a world unto itself. Part of the fun of being given unfettered access into the world of the Roys is that when each episode ends, your first instinct is to text your friend and exchange theories and reactions to what you both just witnessed. Connor did what?! Shiv told him THAT!? Greg’s not going to stand for it!

Connor Roy wearing our Naples style sunglasses

We here at GLCO are huge fans of the show and so when we learned that several of Succession’s key characters were mutual fans of our work, we were super flattered. Collected here are some responses from our team after seeing the cast wearing our frames in various photo shoots over the past few months. Think of this post as our version of a digital water cooler. We’re going to name some names, exchange some fan theories, drop the niceties, and get into the nitty gritty. We know the Roys would be proud.

Connor Roy (Alan Ruck) by Mark Gainor, Creative Director

Connor Roy is the most out of touch character in a family of lunatics. There’s also the Ferris Bueller connection, which adds a lot of richness and weirdness to his antics on the show. I think he may be the dark horse to the throne. It’s not such an unbelievable story arc that a well funded celebrity becomes POTUS, right? Conheads 2024!

It’s funny to see Connor, a totally unhinged dude, wearing our Naples frames, as they convey a sense of sturdiness and structure. It’s totally out of character, but it works.

Roman Roy (Keiran McCaulkin) by Garrett Leight, Founder

Roman is the one. He’s a softer version of his father who can see where things are headed. He’s flawed of course, but he’s also self-aware and knows how everything (and everyone) fits together. He’s going to rule it all in the end.

It makes total sense for him to wear our Kinney Sun because it’s such a classic New York intellectual frame — perfect for a smart city kid who jets between Uptown and the Hamptons.

Roman Roy wearing our Kinney Sunglasses

Logan Roy (Brian Cox) by Barney Waters, President

There’s a real irony to Logan Roy wearing our Mr. Leight Coopers S translucent frames, as transparent is literally the last word you would use to describe the family patriarch and his modus operandi.

He’s ruthless in his pursuit of money and power but a big part of him loves the conflict. This is a man who describes life as a “fight for a knife in the mud.” He’s going to need that knife if he wants to stay top dog as even more dangerous battle lines are being drawn.

Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) by Linnea Kennison, Social Media Manager

Cousin Greg is a likeable fool and part of his charm as a character is that we get to see him struggle and learn and grow in what feels like real time. His default is to flip flop and not really show any backbone, but that’s all changing now in Season 3.

Greg’s a softer type of guy so it would make sense that he’d want to wear some understated wire frames like our Grant Sun. It blends in with his features and doesn't make him stand out too much, which is saying something considering he’s so tall! He’s not the typical swaggering NYC dude and that shows in every part of his character. Mark my words, he’s just getting started.

Cousin Greg wearing our Grant Sunglasses