March B'days

March B'days

It's that time again. (Just search "b'days" on our site and you'll know what I mean.) Just yesterday we celebrated the bdays of our March bb's, featuring Gato, Jennie (who actually goes by Jennifer/Jen outside of the office, but since we already have a Jen she goes by Jennie), and yours truly. That was a long sentence. 

Ok, so I've ALWAYS WANTED to show you these ridiculous quizzes we take every birthday. It's not ridiculous in a bad way, but just that like... who came up with the idea of taking tests on a birthday?? They're a good way to learn fun trivia about each other though. I zoomed in real close so you could read it (hence the graininess). 

Everybody busy gettin' that FOOD. Who's the new dude in that sunlit corner by the way? It's Brett! Our new West Coast rep and all around friendly dude with cool frames! Hi Brett!

Sooooo a few things we have to talk about: at the start of the potluck Shaun is nowhere to be seen. Now, Shaun has promised that he would supply chimichurris for this potluck. 5 minutes in, he walks in with a plate o' these. WHERE DID THEY COME FROM? How did he make them?? No idea. Shaun simply chuckles, "My bag of tricks."

Second item for discussion: Jen's glitter cookies. On second thought, are there even words for this? The idea of eating glitter is just kinda magical.

I just liked the way this looked. 

 Adam (hand model) suggested including the knife in there just to "add some variation" to our usual cake pics. Fair. This photo just makes me laugh because of how the cake looks like it's almost gonna get cut up pretty bad, especially with those candles huddled in the corner. 

Jokes aside check out how ridiculous this cake is: frosting, cream, cake bits, and cookie dough. #mashupmasterpiece. 

~ Quiz time ~

Garrett models the Wilsons as we patiently await the results...

at which Darroll won a whopping 45 correct answers to. Damn Daniel Darroll!

Here's a super posed (but cute!) picture because we blew out the candles too quick for a pic. Welp, that's it for this month. Til the cake "sheets"!