Life, Music and Mixtapes: 5 Questions with Mathieu Schreyer

Life, Music and Mixtapes: 5 Questions with Mathieu Schreyer

Music touches many aspects of our lives, but for Mathieu Schreyer, it touches them all. His profound love for sound surfaced as early as he can remember, spinning his first record at just nine years old. Throughout his journey, Schreyer has made an undeniable impact on the music industry, from ruling the airwaves of KCRW to crafting legendary soundscapes for some of history’s most iconic films. The musical maverick attributes his success to living authentically and always staying dedicated to his craft. Today, Schreyer is still doing what he loves most, and his influence continues to reverberate far and wide. He also put together the ultimate playlist—an absolute gift to your ears. Do yourself a favor and take a listen.

Mathieu sat down with GLCO for an exclusive Q&A to give you an inside look at life through his lens.

Tell us a little about yourself – your iconic past and what you are up to now?      Lately, I’ve been focusing more on music supervision and it's been incredibly rewarding. My journey began back in 2014 with Jon Favreau's "Chef," and I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with talented artists like Roge, whose upcoming album "Curyman II" is set to drop later this year. After bidding farewell to my 14-year residency at KCRW in 2020, I've been having fun curating a weekly show for the new radio platform ROVR. I also spin tunes weekly (in real life) at Chateau Marmont and Bar Stella in Los Angeles. As you can see, music is my life, and I'm very grateful to still be immersed in it 30 years later.

Dream Road Trip? 
Tangier to Cape Town: drive across the vast and vibrant lands of Africa.

Life-Changing Music Picks? 
Roge's "Curyman" is very high up there - I just love everything about this record. Eric Burdon and War's "Black Man's Burdon" - This record changed my life during my teenage years and is still a favorite of mine today. For those unfamiliar with Andy Bey, I highly recommend diving into his music. He is my favorite jazz singer and his album "Shades Of Bey" from the late 90s is a personal favorite of mine, although all of his music is worth exploring. Desert Island music for sure.

Eternal Literary Companion? 
Call me basic, but Albert Camus' "L'etranger" (translation: “The Stranger”) resonates with me on so many levels. As someone who's always felt like a “Stranger”, having left my home in France at 7 years old to then grow up in different areas around the world before finally settling in Los Angeles at 20. I guess you could call me a professional immigrant, haha.

Current Obsessions? 
Things that continually keep me inspired and energized include stretching, playing tennis, hiking Temescal Canyon, hunting for Latin records, and (of course) my GLCO MILES DAVIS frames.