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Sade’s music and vibe is a world unto itself, wide enough to include everyone from cosmopolitan media executives to streetwear connoisseurs and hard edged skaters to your middle aged aunt who likes to toss back a few glasses of merlot and chat in the kitchen while the slinky sounds of “Smooth Operator” perfume the room.

Signature to Sade’s look is her iconic cat eye sunglasses. Like all things Sade, they command attention without vying for it. Thanks to their shallow shape and elegant curves, these cat eyes don’t scream 1965 the way a pair of Bob Dylan-style cat eye glasses would. Instead, they speak to a more understated, deliberate confidence, the kind that Sade has been generously offering to her fans and admirers through her music (and her...aura) since day one.

Sade wearing black cat eye sunglasses Sade wearing her signature cat eye sunglasses

Given her oversized success - she’s sold over 23 million albums in the US alone and over 65 million worldwide - it’s amazing that even after 35+ years in the fashion and music zeitgeist, Sade’s world still feels fresh.

It’s important to remember that when Sade and her band — also called Sade — started getting some traction in the mid ’80s, they were outliers in nearly every aspect of their presentation. Musically, they favored jazzy vamps and slow, insistent grooves, a far cry from the bombastic, stadium-ready thumps of groups like Duran Duran, Wham!, and Foreigner.

Sade's sleek and sophisticated style Sade wearing a classic white button up shirt

And then, of course, there’s Sade’s often-copied style — no shoulder pads or poofy hair here. A typical Sade fit is sleek and sophisticated without ever veering into minimalism for its own sake - think: crisp shirting paired with ballet flats, cropped jackets and high waisted pants, giant hoop earrings and a simple denim shirt. While her breathtaking natural beauty (she was a former fashion designer and part-time model) would always shine in her jazzy on-stage attire, she could also slip into a cardigan and some Levis, throw on a bit of red lipstick, and steal the aftershow without even trying.

Our Juvee sunglasses are our sartorial homage to Sade’s status as an international icon and musical legend. Versatile yet commanding, their larger cat eye shape is perfect for pairing with everything from elegant tailored garments to vintage tees and a cute pair of flats. Channeling your inner Sade has never been easier — and that’s just the way our hero would want it.