GLCO x Parks Project Hampton X Eco-Friendly Sunglasses with SUV lenses

GLCO x Parks Project Hampton X

As a California-based brand, we’ve always felt a special connection to the natural beauty of our home state and its diverse ecosystems. We believe that it’s important to not only enjoy and respect Mother Nature’s creations, but to leave them in better shape for the next generation.

To this end, we’ve partnered up with eco-friendly brand Parks Project on our first-ever eco frame and will be donating a portion of the proceeds to support volunteer programming in the Ventana Wilderness. The Ventana Wilderness comprises almost a quarter of a million acres located in the Santa Lucia Mountains of Los Padres National Forest. To help keep the ecosystem thriving, volunteers regularly maintain the trails, clean up trash, and impart Leave No Trace principles to backcountry visitors.

The GLCO x Parks Project Hampton X collaboration is our first foray into making a sustainable, bio-based frame. In addition to being biodegradable under controlled composting conditions, it contains a super strong steel wire core that is designed to stand up to all manner of weather and climate patterns.

The GLCO x Parks Project Hampton X also features our signature Sports Utility Vision (SUV) lenses. Made from a premium lens material called Trivex, SUV lenses provide the clarity of mineral lenses while also offering an impact-resistant and lightweight sports performance lens. This makes them perfect for activities like trail running, as they reduce light intensity and increase depth perception and color contrast.

Whether you are making your way through some winding woods, or simply taking your dog for a relaxing walk, these stylish frames are a great way to directly support a greener, more beautiful world.

GLCO x Parks Project Hampton X eco-friendly bio-acetate sunglasses with SUV lenses