Fall/Holiday 2015

The road is dead. The romance is long gone, reality has caught up: easy flights, electric cars and uber rides, two weeks paid and too many screens. The Pacific Coast Highway and the other scenic roadways have all been seen. There are no more Jack Kerouacs or Dean Moriartys, just old men and old dreams and new ways of doing things. Of course you can just get up and go but never again will it be anywhere, everywhere. We’ve lost the cultural sensibility, the shared thinking that made the road trip an American rite of passage. So this is a eulogy for the open road. For the pure possibility, the complete break, the clean getaway. For the blurred countryside, the revealed vista, the winding way to truth, a way out, a way in, an escape. For Bonnie and Clyde, for California’s broken down pilgrims and sad starlets and their edge of the earth anguish. For the West and the things you see that help you better see yourself. Ruminations on the road With summer winding down, we're making for one last getaway to let the sun sink into our bones just a little longer. Roll down the windows, put on some shades, and join us for the ride.

GLCO Getaway from Garrett Leight on Vimeo.

Made by GLCO & Alldayeveryday. Director: Kai Regan Director of Photography: Alex DiSuvero Executive Producer: Arrow Kruse Producer: Joann Gambino Editor: Holle Singer Colorist:Tim Masick Music: "Wait For Life" by Emile Haynie (feat. Lana Del Rey) Sound Design: Rob Difondi Styling: Donna Lisa Hair: Mishelle Parry Featuring: Cameron Klippsten & Sarah Simmons Collection: Fall/Holiday 2015 Shot up and down the California coast.


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