Mookyung Sohn, GLCO Product Designer

At Home with Mookyung Sohn

Meet Mookyung Sohn, Product Designer

What’s your daily routine?

I stopped setting my morning alarm since my schedule is pretty flexible now so I try to wake up at a decent hour and then make breakfast and a matcha latte with almond milk. I feed my cats and then check my email, and if I have a meeting I will find a quiet spot and tune into Zoom, and then do whatever work I need to do based on the meeting. I try to get out of the house and get sun at least once a day, so whenever I need a mood change, I will take a walk around the block or lay out in the backyard for a bit.

Mookyung's bedroom/workstation Mookyung's cat, Beast

Where in your home do you like to work?

I live in an old foursquare craftsman that gets a lot of light but with my roommates also being home 24/7— it’s been feeling a bit cramped. We do make it work by being mindful and sometimes I work at my boyfriend’s. For most design stuff I work at the iMacs in my room since I need the big screens but if I am on my laptop, I move between the couch in the living room and the kitchen table. My cats like to follow me around and sit on my keyboard 🙂.

Mooky's work desk with GLCO sunglasses Mooky holding GLCO glasses

What are you eating now?

My parents, who I don’t really visit anymore because of the quarantine, dropped off some Korean food on the way to the grocery store this morning. We said hello briefly, masks and all. I ate seaweed soup, rice and banchan. I’ve also been baking sourdough. I have two mothers going—one is wheat and the other is gluten free.

What are you listening to, watching, and/or doing for fun?

Oh, lots of things. Contagion was the first quarantine movie I watched and I just got a Masterclass subscription. I listen to a lot of ambient music as usual and just found out about the app Libby which lets you download audiobooks and ebooks from the public library. I had started learning ceramics earlier last year but due to Covid, I’ve been handbuilding from home so I can get things fired. My boyfriend and I are currently working on a ceramic tardigrade coffee table.

coronavirus ceramics ceramic tardigrade vase

What do you wear while working from home?

If I am feeling motivated, something similar to what I usually wear to work but softer, fuzzier versions— like loose pants and a soft top but most of the time I am in my sleep clothes until I have to leave the house. I wear a bunch of opticals but Stanley C and Grant M are in my current rotation.

Mookyung's hall of masks Mookyung's dining room shelf

How do you stay in a good headspace while in isolation?

It is important to stay informed but so easy to get sucked into checking the news and social media constantly and get even more upset and anxious. These days I try to limit that exposure to once a day and keep the space around me peaceful—which includes limiting conversations around the pandemic and politics that are inflammatory/accusatory and not constructive. I also try to focus on the nice parts of this anomalous situation which gave me more time for creativity, learning, and reflection.

Also a very L.A wellness routine: yoga 2-3 times a week following a Bikram yoga Youtube video; Vipassana meditation; some CBD/THC oils; and fresh home-cooked meals. Socially, my close friends and I have had a couple of Zoom birthday parties where we dressed up and pretended we were in a different place. For one we met in Paris, and for another: Mulholland Drive. It was hilarious.

GLCO's Mookyung Sohn at home