Mixtape No. 9: DJ Osamu

DJ Osamu

Mixtape No. 9

DJ Osamu

Photos: Mike Selsky

Nobody represents the GLCO brand and lifestyle more than Osamu Nishimura. I'm not just saying that, the whole thing was created in the spirit of Venice circa 2008, and very few people encompass that vibe the way O-Raj does. Now that Venice has gone into a complete corporate mish-mosh of weirdness where everyone is trying to get a piece of something they'll never have, guys like myself and Osamu are in hiding. We still run the joint, but just in a different way. I remember back when Osamu DJ'd our first event at A. Kinney Court on November 6th, 2009. It was a beautiful disaster, full blown backyard party with miscreants everywhere. I remember when Osamu had half of Venice jumpin' till the wee hours of the morning at FishCo. Venice may have changed, but O-Raj has not, he keeps on doing his thing like the mystical character that he is, hosting nights everywhere from dance clubs off the Pacific Coast Highway to dance parties in Chinatown. One thing is for certain, if one person knows how to make a mix for Garrett Leight California Optical, it's this dude right here. So download this and connect with a time that will last in our memories forever.

Venice may have changed, but O-Raj has not.