Mixtape No. 6: Trace Marshall

Trace Marshall

Mixtape No. 6

Trace Marshall

Photos: Ian Flanigan
Words: Garrett Leight

Technically a grom or a gromit is a young up and comer in the surf, skate, or snowboarding community. But somewhere along the line it took on a broader meaning. As far as we’re concerned a gromit is anyone under the age of 50 that doesn’t necessarily aim to disrupt the social norm, but just does it naturally.

Trace Marshall grew up in an era and an environment that could quite possibly be considered, “the Age of The Gromit,” so he just might just be a grom forever. We asked this fantastic maniac of a man-child to put together a selection of sounds to tantalize our taste buds and mutilate our ear waves. It’s an undulating ride of sound that you might not understand but are sure to love, know what I mean bro?!?

Trace Marshall grew up in “the Age of The Gromit." He just might just be a grom forever.

Trace wears the limited edition GLCO x Brothers Marshall collab,
which was so mind-blowing that it sold out.

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