Mixtape No. 33: Spectacle Toronto

Spectacle Toronto

Mixtape No. 33

Spectacle Toronto

Words: Adam Johnston
Photos: Liam Goslett

Five years in is a good time to take stock of things. After the new stores, after the anniversary frames, after the fancy dinners and fun parties, it’s helpful to look around and figure out who you are and what you’re about. Where you are and how you got there. Who inspired you. Who helped you along the way.

The eyewear industry is a business of relationships, like all industries I suppose. We value our relationships with our customers, our employees, our suppliers more than anything else. We’re nothing without our partners. So we collaborated with one of them, Spectacle Toronto – one of our first accounts, friends who have supported us from Day One – because it’s not only who you’ve shared a past with, but who you make your future with.

We’ve created limited edition frames inspired by the art and architecture of the cities we love, Los Angeles and Toronto: Kinney in G.I. Tortoise Laminate and Matte Grey Brooks, both redesigned and engineered for exclusive flat base silver gradient mirror lenses. Each frame comes with a custom case and cleaning cloth featuring the work of one our favorites: the stainless steel skin of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, a surface that undulates like ocean waves, a shining gray machined texture reflecting the natural blue sky. What better way to imagine Los Angeles + Toronto than the masterwork of Toronto-born, LA-made Frank Gehry? A favorite son of both cities – one where he came from, the other where he now calls home. Inseparable from each other.

So to celebrate our Los Angeles + Toronto collaboration we asked our friends at Spectacle to make us a mixtape of tunes that get them going. Because the party doesn’t have to end.

Spectacle loves you:

Find our GLCO x Spectacle frame in-store at their locations in Lawrence Park, West Queen West, and the Distillery District.