Zio Ziegler Venice Mural

By garrett

One of the highlights of living in Venice is that on any given day you can come across a variety extremely talented artists creating original artwork on an otherwise bland building. I believe this breathes more unique energy into a community that already has an abundance.

On this special morning, I stumbled across Zio Ziegler, a bay area based artist who at the time I was not familiar with.  Zio has an incredibly original point of view and a special skill set that is quite unique from other.  Upon doing the research, I have become obsessed with his work and his overall attitude and dedicate to his passion.

You can check out his website for more information, but I strongly suggest heading over to this link from a website called In The Link. The girls at In The Link, Klea McKenna and Nikki Gratten did an excellent job of profiling not only the studio but the man. Below you can see some of their photos, and you can click on the link above to read the Q & A.

It kind of feels like you should be investing in this guys work sooner than later.