Will Bryant

By Tiffany

It’s no secret that despite how gorgeously lush the Northwest is, one of its major faults is its weather (I’m from SoCal, if that explains a anything). I’ve had friends relocate up to Washington and Portland to get rocked by Seasonal Affective Disorder, appropriately acronymed “SAD,” and head out of their gloomy rooms to purchase artificial sunlight in the form of heat lamps. 

So with weather like that, it’s hard to believe that illustrator Will Bryant, a dude who practically beams good vibes, positivity, and undeniably fun drawings, is based out of Portland. 

Will looking good in our brand spankin' new virtual try-on 

Will cites his influences as Pee Wee's Playhouse, Michael Jordan, anthropomorphism, 90s basketball, SEC football, pets, pop culture, cookie meetings, and even parts of art history, which explains why the handwritten type and wild compositions he creates for the likes of Nike, The New York Times Magazine, and Adobe are equally good-humored and crazy cool all at once.

I say we all start a fund to get this self-described professional goofball down to California. We might have more taco meetings than cookie meetings, but that should be a plus. 

Will's Website / Instagram / Tumblr