Welcome To Opti Munich

By garrett

You probably hear me say it every year, that the munich optical show is my favorite show. I don't know if its Munich or possibly just because its the beginning of the year, but my brain always gets so inspired on this trip. I never sleep, constantly thinking of ideas and plans, and to be honest, I love it!

Anyway, take a look at some of the highlights from the three day show in Munich….

Martinique! Banana Leaf! GLCO!

This is Mo' Money on the left and Akram from Klar. One of my first accounts. Last year in Munich I told Mo' Money to buy stock in Netflix (Mo is actually a stock trader in Frankfurt, as well as a consultant to Akram's optical shop in Darmstadt). He thought I was crazy and told me that for sure Netflix will drop. I think he's still bitter about me being right. I bug him about it every time. Then in September I said Tesla and Mr. Musk's other company Solar City. Mo still says I'm crazy, so far so good.

On a more serious note, Klar was one of our first customers and a constant supporter of GLCO. We love him to the fullest. Guy is the real deal, knows how to sell eyewear better or as good as anyone I've ever met.

Charles meeting with one of our German accounts.

Alex came out from Paris for two days to see what the Munich show was all about.

This is the fabulous team from Thierry Lasry. Coco Harlem, Leonard & Co. holding it down at the TL booth.

Lasry plastics are nuts, truly the best.

Our EU customer service rep Gaelle having a bonding moment with our new EU Sales Director Charles Wolfe.

Our man Jeff Solorio over at Dita/Thom Browne booth right next to us.

Mo, Akram & Tanya from Specs Berlin. Another one of our first accounts that I personally opened three years ago. These are the early adopters that we owe much of our success too.

Akram representing for his store.

I mentioned Specs Berlin. Well this is the man, Claas Witzel. Simply the best.

Best dog of the show…All day every day laid out in the middle of the walkway. Was amazing.

Always love this Mikli display, but think it would be more appropriate in a retail setting.

Best booth of course for its modular design. Love it. Easy to set up, break down, and change.

Mr. Jason Kirk now of Kirk & Kirk. Check out his new venture coming at the end of this year.

The Goldsmith team minus the Misses Claire Goldsmith. She had just left.

Handsome Jack runs shit over at Dita.

And of course, our warrior German rep Markus Neuoff.

And his lovely assistant Nicole.

Ciao from Munich, now its off to a ski trip in Austria.