True Eyewear Stories: Andrew Jacobson

By garrett

Andrew has been a loyal customer of ours since we first opened our shop on Abbot Kinney. I ran into him the other day on the street and he proceeded to tell me this crazy story about how he got into a serious car accident while wearing our Rialto frame.

So I told him to put something together on paper and I left the conversation inspired to create a new thread on the blog. One that would allow customers with similar experiences to share their stories with the public.

Ladies & gentlemen - here is Andrew's true eyewear story... thank god our boy is alright!!


"When I first met Garrett and Adrian sometime around 2009, they were familiar faces I'd seen around the hood and we'd always exchange a smile or wave as Venice locals do. Then one day while I smoking a cigarette and wondering Abbot Kinney, I gazed up to a window display of vintage Oliver Peoples frames. To me, classic Oliver Peoples frames are the epitome of style and elegance. I ditched the cigarette and wandered inside.

To my surprise, Garrett and Adrian were standing behind the counter and welcomed me into their store. They explained that they were selling a collection of vintage Oliver Peoples, available nowhere else, and were soon launching an in-house line called Garret Leight California Optical. I left my first visit with some vintage frames and a smile, thinking to myself these dudes are onto something cool.

Over the course of the last 2 years I've bought countless frames from the store and Garrett and Adrian have become good friends. As they launched the GLCO line, I fell in love with the Rialto frame and have since bought them in every color-way available.

About 8 or 9 days ago, I had the misfortune of being east of Lincoln Blvd. - traveling eastbound on Santa Monica Blvd at about forty miles per hour. Out of nowhere, I collided full speed with another car who was making a left hand turn and not paying attention.

I sat there in shock - realizing my car has just been totaled. So I checked to see if my passenger was alright and was stunned by the fact that I had just taken an airbag directly to the face at full speed. Amazingly, everything was intact and my face felt alright.

As I slowly got out of my car to assess the damage, something caught my eye about a block up the street. Sitting on the ground were my champagne Rialtos they had deflected the airbag and flown out the window during the collision. Not only did they protect my face, they were completely unscathed after being thrown nearly a block up the road!

I grabbed them up, put them right back on and gave the pigs my statement."