Throwback Thursday Halloween

By garrett

In the spirit of Halloween and Throwback Thursday, and a post that for some reason never got posted, I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to share last years pumpkin carving contest in the Abbot Kinney Courtyard. Its hard to believe just a year ago, 10 of us were sharing a small little office behind the store. How far we have come in 12 months. Check it out!

Karena Meyer aka KBEARZ aka A. Kinney Court Store Manager

Back when Elena had the short hair.

When Becca Moon was on the team she made custom eyeball balloons. Miss you B.

There she is.

Karena in Brooks 47 Champagne.

@jkonow still a one man wrecking crew in the lab.

Something about carving pumpkins outside in the cold is actually better. Next year we gotta move the contest back outdoors.

This was mine last year. Much different than mine this year.

Pretty awesome how one year later, we basically have the same team in place. Just lost a few of the retail homies. RIP Becca Moon and Shane Winsor