The Whitney

By Elena & Tiffany

At GLCO we just can't deny that the West Coast is the best coast. Recently Elena headed out East to the Big Apple, and that palpable shift of cultural events from NY over to LA only made her miss our sunshine state all the more. Even the NY Times has explored this migration of creativity. And how about that LV show over in Palm Springs? I mean, it makes sense, whether it was the tough winters, $70 lunches, or cramped living spaces that drove New Yorkers out. 

We can't deny though, that what makes us fall in love with NY every time is this: that the city is for its people. Public art is unfailingly one of the best things about the city that everyone has access to, and the Whitney is one of them. Its recent relocation from uptown to the Meatpacking district was built to be a part of the city. So many New Yorkers complained that the neighborhood had lost its charm after extreme exposure from shows like Sex and The City, but as touristy as it has become, the High Line park was a perfect pick for the museum. Each level has its own walk out with sculpture being shown against the NYC skyline, creating a true indoor/outdoor experience.

It's like if NYC and LA were in a boxing match, NYC still wins in terms of public art. When you go to the Getty you are transported away from LA to the top of a hill looking over it; it's an escape. But the Whitney uses the city as a backdrop and walkway. New York, we've still got a soft spot for you.

Love how aggressive this piece looks. 

E.E. Cummings - who knew he painted? 

Keith Haring

The dense rhythm of this piece is pretty incredible.

Shout out to the West from Mr. Basquiat.

Jeff Koons

Let's take a moment to recognize the second work of art in this photo: the Kinneys worn by the man in the middle! Thanks for granting us that burst of pride.