The Hundreds 10 Year Anniversary

By garrett

Last week we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of The Hundreds in once in a lifetime fashion, thanks to the incredible vision of Ben and Bobby Hundreds over at the one and only The Hundreds. If you don't know who they are, The Hundreds is one of the most successful and relevant street wear brands to emerge in industry that was created roughly 30 years ago.

For me The Hundreds actually means a lot to my career and is close to my heart. When I first left Oliver Peoples and a design and development agency to make private label eyewear. The Hundreds was the first company to give me a shot. At the time they knew it was a risk, but thats what they are, calculated risk takers who support the youth and they wanted to give me a shot. To make a long story a short, I delivered one of the most incredible frames I've ever been a part of from style to quality for an incredible price. It was just unbelievably late and I was super unorganized throughout the process. But I learned so much about myself in the Alumni days. All of my weakness and strengths became apparent to me. And it allowed me the opportunity to succeed in my future endeavor of GLCO. The frame that I worked on with The Hundreds, The Phoenix, is still in their collection and one of their best sellers. Working with these guys and knowing these guys is one of my most grateful and proudest career and personal gratifications in life.

So last Tuesday, myself and some of my closest friends who have been a part of this journey with The Hundreds, rented a van and set off for a private experience at Disneyland.

One thing about The Hundreds is that they know how to keep the kid inside all of us alive. They have never sacrificed not wanting to grow up. Its no coincidence that when they collaborated on a project with Disneyland a few years back, inspired by the characters, The Lost Boys from Peter Pan, that it made perfect sense. It completely personifies so many elements of who these boys are deep on the inside.

Pictured below is Bobby Hundreds on the left, myself, and Ben Hundreds on the right.

Its hard to explain what its like to be at Disneyland with 1000 people, no lines, and everybody celebrating the same thing.  It was like we knew everyone there, no one had to wait in line for any of the best rides, and it was just pure joy and happiness everywhere.

Once again, major kudos to these guys for thinking of this idea, planning it and executing something that most people probably didn't even think was possible. I mean, I personally think everything is possible, and this never even crossed my mind.

Camsterdam was there.

Riding Space Mountain with a few beers in you can be a problem.

I usually don't like Star Tours, but we all really enjoyed it this time around. I guess when you wait 5 minutes and put some glasses on for a 3d experience when your a little buzzed, anything is fun.

Omer, Kiki, Blake, Helen, Sticks, Ron, etc.

The big kids.

Priceless, right?