The GLCO Holiday Party 2016

By Freza

GLCO has a longstanding tradition of memorable holiday office parties, and 2016 was no exception. This year the team all came dressed in our nicest nautical-themed pashmina afghans and boarded the Leight Star in Marina del Rey for a sunset cruise around the harbor. The night was filled with awesome food, plenty of liquor, and no less than 17 Lonely Island references, 5 Titanic reenactments, and 3 overboard casualties. By the end of the night, so many of us in the GLCO fam had either jumped off the top deck, eaten their weight in chicken skewers, or accosted Drew for not forewarning us on yacht shoe policy (teak floors, y'all), that bringing the boat to dock was not just an agenda item -- but in the best interest for any GLCO seafarers that had planned on not remaining in the fetal position the entire following day.

For those who hit the Santana champ (or the surface of the water) a little too hard, here are some of the best disposables from the night: