The Broad

By Tiffany

You’ve probably seen the Broad blowin’ up your feed. I mean, it is a brand spankin’ new art museum located right on Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles. And It’s got pieces from some of the biggest names in contemporary art, so you can feast your eyes on Warhols, Rauschenbergs, and Basquaits aplenty.  

And have you heard that entry is zero deniro? Even though there are exaggerated rumors that museum reservations are booked out ‘til 2016, I’d say to just take a chance with the stand-by line. I stopped by the museum on a Friday evening and there was no wait. (If there is, there’s always MOCA across the street, or Grand Central Market to hang at until things mellow out.) 

Speaking of MOCA, you should definitely swing by the 
Noah Davis “Imitation of Wealth” exhibit, even if just to take a peep after hours. Tyler over at HVW8 recommended checking out Davis’s work. The late artist’s vision for making art accessible was always executed in a conceptually interesting way – such as with “Imitation of Wealth,” which was originally built for Davis’s own Underground Museum in a working class neighborhood in Mid City. Noah created reproductions  of iconic, big money pieces – think Duchamp and Koons – so that anyone could see these things. (Admission at the Underground is free as well). Interestingly enough, the original Koons sits across the street at the Broad. 

The neat thing is that MOCA actually has started lending pieces out to Davis’s museum. Expect upcoming exhibits featuring Ellsworth Kelly, Turrell, and other greats. Come and see. All of this is yours to dwell on: vacuum art original and imitated; at the center of things, and away. Each and every thing is equally provocative. It’ll affect you if you let it.