The Boys Go to Spring Training

By garrett

Its pretty straightforward, at the end of the day, like Grouch said:

"I'm just a simple man, I like pretty things, I like funny things, I'm just a simple man really."

My idea of a good time is as simple as baseball, beers, best friends, sunshine, and hot dogs. Hands down, going to baseball games with my best friends, where the outcome is completely meaningless make me as close to as happy as I can possibly be. Good times, can't wait til next year!

Ironically we watched the Magic Johnson 30 for 30 before leaving our hotel room this morning. Glad I brought the jersey.

Stickelman in his home town environment.

Ron came in crutch.

New Cubs stadium is unbelievable. So nice. They tried to make it an exact replica of Wrigley field minus the ivy wall.

Replica scoreboard and all.

Cubs fans are awesome.

Absolute perfect day for baseball 80 degrees plus and not a cloud in the sky.

Baby dodgers fan in the making...

Gotta show respect for the U.S.A.

Honestly, I think every field should consider doing lawn seating in the outfield. Its amazing, I never want to sit anywhere else.

Cubs fans travel.

Great place for the kids.

Ok, arguably the Chicago dog is better than a Dodgers dog. Here's what I decided, Dodger dogs are the best plain dog on the planet. If anything, just have to put a little ketchup and mustard, just a little. And the Cubs dog is the best loaded dog. Peppers, Onions,Mustard and a pickle! Who knew?!?!?

Time to get back in the gym!

Lemonade makes me happy!


Its hot out there, gotta get that water hydration however you can get it.