The Allah Las

By Garrett

If you didn't already know, the Allah Las are rad. 

They came through the office today pre-tour to get fitted in some new shades as they prepare to travel the globe. It all starts on September 4th at the Santa Monica Pier, and you better bet we'll be there for the action.

If you don't know who they are, I highly suggest checking them out. Click Here 

There are actually 4 dudes, but one was totally MIA. Probably off surfing somewhere...

A little clip-on, clip-off training.

He went with the Kinney, but it was a tough choice between this and Rialto. He's got a big dome (his words not mine), but a perfect example of how you can have a big head and still rock the Kinney, it's really the perfect frame.


Rialto vs. Kinney

Butterscotch or Blonde Tortoise Fade?

oooohhhh Wilson-M!

The bros always ask about Brothers Marsh!

Harrison, Wilson & Hampton.

Was a fun hang, thanks for coming out guys and good luck out there.