Summertime at GLCO

By Tiffany

Tiffany here reporting in with the monthly birthday bashes we have going on at GLCO – this month's theme was summertime, which was an appropriate way to usher in the glorious season of sunshine. I mean, even though we get 300 days of sun in SoCal, there's just something about this season that officially says "CHILLAX" like no other. Summer means evenings outside, beach days, bad tans, endless root beer floats, losing a pair of shades, and getting new ones.    

Last week at the GLCO office we celebrated with a hearty BBQ-style potluck and a full-out hula hoop contest, which was one of the most entertaining things I've watched in a while – photo evidence below. (Be warned: 70% of this post will be hula hoop pictures. You'll see why.)

Zach pulling off some MJ-esque dance moves as he tries to hula hoop. Keyword: *tries*. Gravity brought that hoop down, man. 

Mario and Shaun. Mario's probably giving some pro-tips. NCLA back there is probably wondering what kind of work we get done in the office. 

Mario showing off some fancy footwork. Emily's just backing outta there because, let's face it, Mario had the showiest hoop skills in the office. 

Actually, Elena had some pretty cool hoop tricks up her sleeve too, hooping around her neck. 10/10.

Adam looking like he's gonna hula hoop the hell outta this joint. 

Let's pause the hoop commentary to look at this lunch spread, which includes cupcakes, gluten free cookies, pulled pork, ribs, and Emma's delicious quinoa salad, which she's rightfully taking a picture of.

Jennie's home. made. dessert. bread. So good! She recommends Jim Lahay for bread recipes, fyi. Also pictured: Charisse's spinach dip bowl. No matter how many diets are going on at the office, we always have room for a lil' bit of spinach dip. 


JR mc'ing the best birthday quiz there ever was. We learned about Shaun's pet peeves and Darroll's karaoke song of choice (Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield).

Saving the best hoopers for last here: the final rounds included Elena, Mario, Jenny, and Misty. 

We were on the edge of our seats – actually, everyone literally got out of their seats to see the face-off. (Note Darroll's very meme-worthy look of disbelief.)

And the reigning champion was..... Jennie! Her strategy involved staying laser-focused as she turned away from all other contestants, aka Misty, who had to face the challenge of having hoops thrown at her WHILE she was hooping. 

Well, to wrap up the lunch in one gif, here's Mario and his hula-hooping hips:


Yours 'til the hula hoops.