Stadium Series - Ducks v Kings

By garrett

Saturday night at the ball game, although this time it was a puck game. Pretty trippy to experience hockey outdoors in 75 degree weather. Normally the matchup between these two teams would steal the show, but the game was terrible. At least Kiss performed and I got to see Gene Simmons stick his famous tongue out 100 times.

Really was a perfect night to be at Dodgers stadium and watch a hockey game though. I could have worn a t-shirt in January no problem.

Logo makes sense...

Whoever was in charge of marketing this event killed it. Beach volleyball, Kiss, Yoga, and Hockey, kind of encompasses everything gross and amazing about Los Angeles.

There it is, the infamous tongue.

The game was not exciting. 3-0 Ducks.

But The Great One dropped the puck. Thats always cool.

Typical winter evening in Los Angeles… Until next time...