St. Patrick's Day

By Garrett

Yesterday we got together for a little St. Patricks Day Potluck in the GLCO kitchen. Check out some of the highlights below.

Perrier isn't green and it tastes much worse when it is.

A bit of the aftermath since I broke out the camera post-meal.

Rachel getting down on some meat.

It's definitely a boy's club on the shipping side of the biz. They stick together.

David is the latest addition to the team showing off his shamrocks above from getting second place in the word scramble competition.

Darroll representing with his green.

Adam is new to the team as well, pictured on the far right. 

And Ricardo as well adding to the newbies. This company is growing!

Charisse took the first prize with the word scramble. Fittingly a piece from next season's GLCO collection.

And I can't remember why Heather won a tiara, but we will grant it.

The piñata ended up with a severed head.

After Adam basically broke it on the first swing.

Then we turned to an old fashion ground stomping.

Which ended with Adrian basically stealing the entire piñata and taking it back to his lair.