Spring Fling

By Emily

Never to be outdone, we here at Garrett Leight take our seasonal celebrations very seriously. This time around we ate and were merry for the sake of spring. The team kicked things off the night before by dyeing and decorating some hard-boiled eggs to sacrifice to the great bunny overlord. With four new additions in our office, this process was particularly effective in revealing the hidden talents of our coworkers. In my case, getting artistic with an egg proved to be more difficult than I imagined. But when all else fails, douse it in glitter and none will be wiser to your rocky creative process.

Elena spearheaded the laborious task of creating and setting up a bunny relay race (did we mention that it was also her birthday?). This brought out our competitive sides, to say the least. With a hint of <strike> hazing </strike> strategy, the four newbies were assigned as a team captains and picked their fellow members dodgeball-style. I'm still not completely sure on the rules, but the basics of the race involved an inflatable ring toss hat and racing back and forth with your egg on a spoon. Team Adam took home the grand prize of some peeps and an egg decorating kit, and we proceeded to stuff our faces. JR brought a masterpiece of an egg cake and Darroll's (alcohol- and gluten-free) Jell-O cups were a widespread hit. 

What could make cupcakes better? Bunny ears, no less. Charisse and Misty approved!

Aforementioned inflatable bunny ears/ring toss hat for ages 10 and up. We would definitely fall into the "and up" category.

Strategies begin to take hold after round one as Adrian aims his ears for an assist to Heather. Adam is taking the mental notes that would lead his team to ultimate victory. 

I googled "Kanye West Bunny Puns" and came up with nothing. Thankfully Elena in shutter shades never disappoints. 

Smiles all around. How will next month's seasonal shindig top this? Until next time! GLCO signing off.