SPRING 2013 Mix Tape: @jonbuscemi

By garrett

If you live in Los Angeles and are in the fashion world, then you already know Jon Buscemi.

  Some might call him a footwear guru. Others might say he is a groud-breaking businessman. Either way, it seems that Jon is always in the conversation.

  His new project, GREATS, is pushing the boundaries of the shoe industry by offering private label, high-quality footwear direct to customer at high-value price points. You will definitely be seeing and hearing more about GREATS in the near future.

  Jon was kind enough to put together a mix of some of his favorite tracks from throughout the years. Ranging from obscure rap to 80's monster ballads, this mix will take you on a journey through the mind of the one and only Jon Buscemi.


Click on the cover photo below for full download.


GREATS Brand - www.greatsbrand.com