Spectacle Tuesday w/ Steven Taylor

By garrett

Steven Taylor is certainly a spectacle for so many reasons.  It seems that his professional life is surrounded by spectacles, not in the sense of physical spectacles, but more so in referring to people that seem larger than life.  A Nashville native now based in Los Angeles, Steven has been fortunate to muster up an already impressive resume at such an extremely young age. I don't even recall how Steven and I came across each other, but a collaboration has been brewing for quite some time. When concepts for Spectacle Two starting coming across my deck and there was an opportunity and idea to link up with local Los Angeles DJ Mathieu Schreyer, it felt that there was no one better for the job than Steven Taylor. Having worked with the likes of everyone from Snoop Dogg to Lars Ulrich, and being published in multiple world class publications, capturing an artist would be no trouble.

Check out the piece on Mathieu Schreyer in our second edition of Spectacle Magazine shot by Steven by clicking here.

We recently visited Steven in his pristine home in Mid-City, which means not really Hollywood, not really Beverly Hills, definitely not Korea Town, but pretty close to the Grove. Much like his work, Stevens home glows.  There's a genuine sheen to it.

Steven probably wouldn't want me to say this, but he pretty much has the coolest hair out of anyone I've ever met. I think he told me a story of how at first he hated it and then used to dye it (I mean he is only 25 years old after all, so that makes sense), but now he loves it. If you can't tell he's got this perfectly grey streak right down the center, kind of resembles the hair of a skunk (a really cool looking skunk of course), but probably smells like a flower. In any case, that's the story of Steven's hair, its rad.

Here's just a taste of some of the incredible talent that Steven Taylor has worked with. I would highly suggest going to his website by clicking here and checking out more of his work.

Currently, Steven and I have some ideas in the works on how we can work together in 2014. Sound like we might be doing a little feature on some of his photography, in the La Brea store. Stay tuned for that.

Definitely a classy gentleman….

With a beautiful collection of photography and art.

Some of Steven's clippings below.

Love this framing.

Thanks for your contribution ST, looking forward to building on this in 2014.