Spectacle Tuesday w/ No Name?

By garrett

Today's Spectacle Tuesday is about anonymity so I'll attempt to be vague and still try to tell you something of value.  Two of my friends and its fair to say homies contributed not only to Spectacle Magazine II, but also have been an inspiration to and for the brand since the beginning. The photographs below were taken of the apartment where a man who originally may have been named Julian (at least thats what I was told when I met him), but changed his name to Don Froth (while I knew him), and possibly now answers to Vip Gibbons (when Helen went to see him in Topanga).

Vip, AKA Don Froth, AKA Jules, AKA Julian doesn't care about attention.  He's just living. The only thing I believe he cares about is creating. Seasons change, but he stays the same. Constant appetite for what makes him happy. From what we can deduct that is music. He seems to like surfing. Girls are cool too. But definitely producing music. Vip is a performer, but would hate that word.  I guess he's just good, but he certainly doesn't care for that either. You can check some of his music projects here.

The other anonymous character is Mike Selsky, Mike on the other hand has only had one name since I've known him. One name, and one blog, Together We Kill.  Mike's about his craft as well. Neither Mike nor Mr. Gibbons wanted to be photographed or questioned for this interview. They don't want anything to be about them.

But I'm just here to show a little bit of the life of Don in Topanga.

And to link you into the photographic world of Mike Selsky.

There was  a moment in time where we did celebrate Julio, you can click on Mike's blog to see his going away party at A. Kinney Court.

I also highly suggest googling  as well.  You can  check him out on Soundcloud or one of those things, I don't its really vague. You gotta work to find his love.

Hopefully I sound genuine, because I am when I say that both of these guys are great. Totally in line with the theme here at GLCO, find your happy place and don't let it go. Don't compromise or sacrifice yourself whatsoever. Do you, in its entirety.

I know for sure the Froth Man has the best record collection out of anyone I know.

JS is also a sick illustrator. Trippy vibes. So talented that he was hired by a rad company to a bunch of work that he didn't want to do. I can't name the company so as not to promote them in any way, shape or form.

If you'd like to see Mike's photos from Spectacle Magazine you'll have to find our magazine. Or maybe look into one of my previous posts. We are going straight analog style on this one. Good luck