Spectacle Tuesday w/ Ian Flanigan

By garrett

Ian Flanigan might be the nicest and most grateful photographer I've ever worked with. The incredible thing about working with young passionate individuals is that they just want to do what they believe in.  There's no insecurity, jealousy, or anything of that nature. This is just a dude with a great eye, who knows what he likes, and chases his dream on a daily basis.  The positive energy flows from young Ian Flanigan. I learned this when he ecstatically emailed me after receiving a copy of Spectacle magazine, saying "I can't believe it, this is the first time I've been published in a real newspaper print!" Until that moment, it had never crossed my mind that Spectacle was a real newspaper. Now I know.

Check out Ian's piece on Zachary Wohlman from Spectacle Magazine by clicking here.

We actually found Ian, because we wanted to do a story on Los Angeles based boxer Zachary Wohlman. When searching through all the photos online of Zachary, we noticed that so many of them were taken by Ian Flanigan. So we reached out to both parties and set it in motion.  I never got the full story, but if I had to guess, Ian probably just thought Zach was rad, and decided to follow his career and shoot it along the way. Even if thats not the case, its an example of what kind of person Ian is.  He knows what he likes and he wants to photograph it.

Helen headed out in her van to the valley to catch up with Ian, and see what life in Encino was all about….

Ian wanted to shoot at his favorite donut shop around the corner from his house. He either loves donuts, or possibly those window graphics, either way, whats not to love.

Its safe to say Ian is in love with his camera, a Mayima RZ67 with polaroid back on it. Below quote is taken directly from the brain of fun-loving Ian Flanigan:

"There's just something about being able to hold a physical tangible photograph in your hands instantly that just doesn't get old to me. I love the reveal too, peeling back the film to see the image is great and also doesn't get old. I pretty much only shoot the Fujifilm 3000-b instant film, which was recently discontinued so I'm pretty heartbroken over that, it's seriously the best instant film ever! I also scan the negatives from them too and flip them in photoshop, looks awesome. Film is just magic, it's hard to describe haha."

Check out some of Ian's photos taken on the polaroid, above and below...

Also check out more of his work at IanFlanigan.com