Spec 6 + NYC

By Tiffany

Love takes you to great lengths, right? 

Well in this case, we're pretty in love with the latest issue of the Spectacle, if you can't already tell from how we've flooded our Instagram and features with all things Spec 6. 

But of course, we can't keep the goodness to ourselves. The world has to hear stories of Clare V., Langley Fox, Money Mark, Scott Trattner, and other amazing Californians, of course. (This is our completely unbiased opinion!) 

Thankfully, our bud Richard was down to help us go to town with sharing the mag in NYC. Like literally. Because as you know, lugging around a 50 lb. box of magazines to make sure it's shared with the right people is no easy task. 

Above, the Spectacle takes the metro.

Below, the Spectacle takes on the city. Consider this a Californian takeover. 

Thanks again, Richard, for taking us around town. And for making this rad gif. You work that unmistakable NY work ethic. 

As for the rest of you, look out for additional stockists in the Big Apple soon. Do it for Richard!