Society of The Spectacle

By garrett

Since we are on the topic of Spectacles, now seems like an appropriate time to introduce you to an entire Society of them.

Deep in the heart of Eagle Rock lies one of the gems of Los Angeles. The Society of the Spectacle optical shop is operated and owned by the passionate eyewear connoisseurs and inseperable sisters Katie and Amy O'Connell.

SOS is the perfect example of something that can only exist in California. About 5 years ago, The O'Connell sisters decided to rent out a 800 square foot home in Eagle Rock and transform it into an optical shop. Complete with a back yard, and guest house where they house their optical lab. The property has a backyard with lemon trees, orange trees, herb garden, and more. It's truly a home away from home for these gals.

Unfortunately on this particular visit only Katie was home, so you'll have to meet Amy next time. Check out Katie's tattoos though. If thats not commitment and true love for your work I don't know what is.

SOS was one of the first GLCO accounts and definitely the first one in Los Angeles outside of our store in Venice.  If you are east of downtown, this is your one stop GLCO shop.

They are also big supporters of L.A. Eyeworks as they worked for Barbara and Gaye for nearly 10+ years. Probably why and where they fell in love with the business.

Its pretty cool that they cut all the lenses for the customers too. After a hard days work, they step in the back for some late night lab sessions. Love it!

In my opinion, for retail, it doesn't get better.

Go check them out on York Blvd.

They also have a bunch of Dog paraphernalia as they are obsessed with dogs and they have two shop dogs, both of which were not home on this particular day.