By Garrett

Last week Stab Magazine had a little shindig down near Abbot Kinney at this outrageously vacant yet spectacular venue. One of those, "I heard the dude that owns this place is a millionaire who just surfs and rents this place out for parties for cheap," kinda-a-place. Come to think of it, it was a bit of a bro fest, so maybe that's just what telephone sounds like when you're surrounded by surf bros and their entourage of dumbfoundingly hot girls. If you didn't know this already, surfers get the hottest chicks. It's just a fact, not skaters, not musicians, not even A list actors; surfers by far get the hottest chicks. The key is the nouns that I choose to describe these hotties, i.e. "chicks," "girls," "hotties." Let's not mistake these beautiful beach babes for women. That's only true if you can call the act of surfing a career. But in terms of the average guy, surfers are winning in this category, and it's a landslide. So if you're under 18 and you happen to check into this blog and you put any amount of value on looks alone, just quit your hobbies right now and find a board and find some waves and surf, so long as you are remotely interested in the opposite sex, this is the world you want to operate in. 

Unfortunately, this blog is not full of photos of stupefyingly beautiful chicas, because the author of this blog is a happily married dad. So, like the good man that I am, I spent my time there mostly complaining about this bullshit line out front that my bro Gavin saved me from, and drank beer with my other married buds without looking in each other's eyes the entire night.

I feel like I've captured the theme of the evening, so I will just let the rest of the photos tell the story without boring you on opinions less solid than the one I've shared so far.

Ran into Omer (left) who is back from Panama for a little vacation. That's Stick on the right looking all Kiefer Sutherland in Freeway.

This is Stab Magazine. A surf magazine from Australia that is making some waves in the industry.

House beer is from Venice and its a big deal. Apparently Coors Light offered them 10 milly just to dead it. They said no way brew.

Omer, Keeks, & Sticks. There are probably babes behind them somewhere.

This is what a DJ booth looks like at a surf party, no one cares about music there. Beer and babes and tomorrow's swell.

Sorry for not having more info. on the artistic side of this event. These boards apparently were commissioned by artists, one of a kind surfboards, I don't know man, all I see is a bunch of corporate stickers.

A photo with a lot of dudes, contrary to my message.

House beer stash.

Pretty crazy...this party took place right next to the location where the cops killed a transient. We were literally right next door with no idea what was going on. If you never heard about this, you can read about it here.