Silver Lake Reservoir

By Tiffany

Hey, Tiffany here. This installment of our journal discusses: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR LOVE RUNS DRY?

I’m being pretty literal because – have you heard? – the Silver Lake Reservoir is being drained. Yep folks, what was once a pretty great pool of water to watch the colors of the sunset be reflected off of is now going to be GONE. You’ll have to go on a romantic date somewhere else. There are some great establishments in the area to flock to, no?

As for weightier concerns, you might ask: why is the water being drained? Well, the straight beef is that this is all an effort to fall in line with new federal guidelines for water supplies, so the water is in the process of transitioning to underground storage by Griffith Park. Sorry about how dry those facts are. Here are some more interesting photos of the balls they're using to drain that water:

The upside though, is that the Silver Lake community won’t leave you high and dry (sorry, definitely overusing puns in this post). Within a year, the ex-reservoir will be filled with non-potable water, along with potential, TBD plans for swim lanes, esplanades, or even a mini beach.

Well, that’s that. Joggers can keep jogging and picnickers can still picnic. It won’t be the same without the lake for now, but if it’s only going away for a year, water you waiting for? You can still slip on some shades and suntan, or let your love run over to Echo Park for a season.