Paris Disposables

By Garrett

Better late than never, such is the life when you travel with a disposable camera. Speaking of disposable cameras I just realized that I left my New York disposable in my hotel room   :( I actually realized a few weeks ago, bummer, there were some good ones on there.

Anyway, here's a little insight into some of the Silmo adventures. If you follow the blog you've seen some of these adventures from Charles' digital camera. 

I can't remember if this was the night that the neighbors sprayed the water hose in the window, but either way that did happen. I think that was the night before. The cool thing about disposable cameras is that they take photos that will make you one day say, "Oh my, remember that guy?!? I wonder what happened to him?" Whereas I feel like you aren't likely to be looking through digital photos from 20 years ago. Unless you are mad organized like that. Everyone stuffs prints somewhere to be found at a much later date.

Epially random Paris nights!

I wonder what Will is saying...

You know it's a long night when Calvin from Sons & Daughters is rubbing his eyes. Fact.

Calvin Yu from Sons & Daughters that is.

Gary Black took us to the bomb taco spot. No joke, Paris has one. It's not like anything from Cali, but it's not trying to be. For what it is, it's actually pretty good, I'd go back. It's just that eating tacos in Paris might be weird for some people. But not for me, I'm always down for tacos. Don't mind the Flash!

I remember them, but we don't know them. If nothing else she is pointing out that they had the good hot sauce.

Me and Darshan who is 1/2 of 

Check it out!

We went to this super dope Caribbean bar that would be impossible for me to find again, such is Paris. I remember taking this photo so I could remember these glasses. Not quite GLCO, but pretty awesome.

Elena is the best finger dancer on the planet, probably.

Happy people.

Lots of smiles all around. One more disposable camera coming soon!