Garrett's Disposable Adventures

By Garrett

I'm listening to B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) by Outkast as I write this, which somehow feels very appropriate as I scroll through these photos. Which probably doesn't make any sense, so just accept it, or don't, cuz you know why...

If you don't already know, this is another installment of Garrett's random disposable adventures. I actually think I am going to sign up for a photography class today. There's a basic photography class at SMC that looks okay. If anyone has other suggestions let me know. Even if I successfully learn how to use a camera properly, I'm continuing this disposable camera adventure. I just love it.

Love this photo. If for any reason you are ever in Darmstadt, Germany you must stop by Klar. Akram was one of our first accounts. Elena even did a trunkshow there, like forever ago. Akram has always seriously supported us and our collection. We love him. That's Caro giving him a hug. She works at another place in Stuttgart that doesn't rep GLCO, but that's all good, cuz she's cool. And sneaking his face in there is the epic and infamous Hauke from Six Million Glasses. A must see if you are ever in Hamburg, Germany. Which is actually an extremely rad place to visit. I remember personally opening this account in the freezing cold about 3 years ago. I remember dragging my sales kit across the town in the freezing cold while I listened to Jadakiss.

Alexandra is true GLCO to the core. I remembering hiring her one day before Silmo 2 years ago. I trained her in 12 hours and then she went and immediately crushed for the next four days. Super smart gal, don't let the looks fool you.

What a character.

The other half of Klar, MO MONEY! He works in the stock market in Frankfurt, Germany, but has a passion or eyewear and travels to all the shows with his bro Akram. He's been rocking the Harding hard for a minute. Really love this dude, one of my favorite people to see at our show. I personally showed them the new collection on this trip, I think MO MONEY got a new Harding if I'm not mistaken.

Harding was in full effect. Mad support from Milan Lunetier, which is an account in Paris that rocks GLCO hard and played host to the Amelie Pichard x GLCO party that all these photos took place at. If I remember correctly, this dude can dance, he broke it down hard on the dance floor with poppin' and lockin'. (I just made myself laugh…key to writing)

Alex with one of the dudes from our homies from Lyon

A little bit what the party looked like outside. Kind of reminded me of an AKC courtyard party. There's a video coming soon.

These dudes are the trillest. We did a little Hampton collaboration with them last year. Only available at their store Entres-vues in Lyon. Hampton in black with Gold Mirror lenses. If you are ever in Lyon, check out one of their two stores. They crush.

They are almost as trill as Graz, who is so trill he doesnt even know what trill means.

Newsstand idea came through.

Hard at work with the full booth.

Ciao Paris, see you in January, which will be freezing. We got so lucky on this trip, weather was absolutely perfect.