Send Em' To Japan!

By garrett

This past week, Elena and I set off on our bi-yearly journey to Tokyo Japan. This time for the IOFT trade show to present our new collection to the asian market. People have been asking me, "How was Japan?" And I keep noticing myself saying, "I'm happy to be back." Something I've never caught myself saying before when traveling  west to the far east. I realize because these days most of our time is spent inside a showroom working. Just a reminder to myself that next time we go west to the far east, we need to book two extra days at least. Because any time you can get in and around Tokyo, its grounds for crazy inspiration.

That said, our customers out there are amazing. Without a doubt Japanese retailers are extremely grateful, particular, and appreciative people. They really pay attention to the details that we take the time to create within our product and within our brand. It's always a pleasure to sit with them and watch them look at an eyewear collection. For the most part, its like nowhere else, with the exception of a few accounts. They are not crazy consumers the way we are out here in America, every process is handled with care and thought.  The other crazy thought I kept thinking out there was its insane how they treat me like a celebrity. As much as I appreciate it, I realized that being famous might be the worst thing that could ever happen to me.  I could never live the life that the hollywood celebrities live, it would be misery, I know that sounds extreme and dramatic, and it is. I'm just saying it takes a trip to Japan to make me realize that. However, I can definitely handle it in small doses, the way the Japanese do, its a just a lot of picture taking!

As always, after returning from Japan, my mind is spinning and I am fully immersed in thought and inspiration. Thanks for everything Tokyo. And a special thank you to our new agency Crest out there stationed in Tokyo. They did an incredible job with the GLCO show room space. We were very pleased!

















Thanks again Tokyo. LA appreciates it.