Scribe Winery SVS: Sonoma County

By garrett

Headed out to The Bay Area this weekend with Ian Flanigan to start some shooting and interviewing for Spectacle Magazine. Spent a beautiful sunday afternoon with the best winery and the best winery people on the planet, Scribe Wine.

Its always extra special for me to hang with Scribe because the owner, Andrew Mariani and I went to college together. Its great to see him doing great things with his career and especially interesting to have a friend in this industry.  I may not be the biggest wine connoisseur, but if I was a sommelier at a great restaurant, I'd have to buy this wine. The story of this company is too good not to spread the good word to customers.  I would be shocked if there was a more youthful and thoughtful BRAND in the wine industry in the entire universe. And as far as I'm concerned, its completely delicious as well.

Listen up Wino sommelier people. Well actually for now, just look...

The Rose all Day!

Founder Andrew Mariani

Treats from Martha's Vineyard

Some of the guests on the lawn.

It wasn't the harvesting season so the branches were bare, but the scenic view was still beautiful.

Alanna Hale is my new favorite person.

The boys taking a break from parking duties.

My favorite color is orange.

Had to head down to the cellar for some more Rose.

I think his name was Stu, or Gus…something with three letters.

Epic Moment.

Lots of doggies on the land.

I can't wait till they re-do the hacienda, already its so magical.

The Hacienda.

Scribe Winery through the lens of Ian Flanigan Photography.