Scribe Winery

By Emily

Let’s take a field trip. When you think of the term you’re most likely to experience flashbacks of yellow school buses, permission slips and guided museum tours. Thankfully we’ve grown up a little since then. As adults our legal guardians don’t need to sign off on a trip to wine country for a tasting and private dinner. Because that’s what we treated our close friends to during our GLCO San Francisco takeover. We wanted to (further) celebrate the opening of the store and introduce Northern California to our Southern Cali and NYC friends. 

The night started off with a super casual hang out on the lawn, something you might not expect from a spread that included a roasted pig. Stacked barrels of wine made for the perfect Instagram background while we watched a gorgeous sunset that no filter could do justice to. Left to mingle and explore the sunflower patch, you might find Eugene Tong of Details snapping a selfie with a flower taller than him or Josh Peskowtiz of Bloomingdale’s doing his best scarecrow impression. 

After a masterful arrangement of appetizers courtesy of Mister Jiu’s of Chinatown, we headed down into the wine cellar for more food and of course, wine. The spread of suckling pig, prawns and spicy Chinese long beans was something else. It’s safe to say that everyone left the venue a pound or two heavier with a warm wine smile on their face.  

Not to beat a dead horse, but we’re so appreciative to everyone that has helped to make the launch of our second retail location  so successful. Your constant support is what keeps us going and striving to accomplish more. Thank you to Heather Shimokawa, Crystal Meers, Melissa Magsaysay, Josh Peskowitz, Eugene Tong, Elaine Lee, Ashley Nachum, Elena Doukas, Mark and Justine Gainor, Andrew Mariani and the team at Scribe for such a lovely evening. With our second store down, it’s only going to pick up from here. We’ve just scratched the surface of all the surprises that we have in store. New York, you’re next!

Photos: Damien Maloney