Sam Fox and The Adventures of SamSam

By garrett

I don't know where to begin with this incredible little human being. Meet Sam Fox, the most mysterious, mischievous, fun loving so not Californian, but totally Californian girl I know. What I mean by that is that figuratively speaking, she is from outer space. But actually, if you know Southern California, then Agoura Hills is kind of outer space as well. So maybe literally speaking she is from outer space.

I can't remember when or where exactly that Sam Fox first crossed my path, but it had to be somewhere on a dance floor. Back in the day when I would frequent Sarcastic disco events, this little party animal would be cutting up a rug all over the place. Now an adult, at 24 years old (thats a guess, but its got to be close), the infamous Sam Fox is making a little name for herself. Recently with a pretty decent role in, We Bought A Zoo, alongside Matt Damon.

We asked Sam to take us to her favorite store in Venice, CA.  I was really happy with her choice. The lady that writes your "name on rice" is the owner and has all kinds of fun things in there, worth taking a look if walking on the boardwalk.

  So we were off for a stroll, got some food at Cerveteca, shared it with the local homeless and enjoyed the always beautiful California weather.

Also check out Sam's You Tube webisodes, "The Adventures of Sam Sam"