Robert Schwan the Ultimate Venice Local

By garrett

Venice is smaller than you might think, especially if you've only been recently tuned in to what's going on in Venice, which is probably very likely, since it seems to be such a "hot spot" these days. But for people like Robert Schwan, I doubt any of that ever really mattered. I was lucky enough to move in right next to Robert about 4 years ago, and I had already known him from around the neighborhood and dining at a few of the restaurants he's managed from time to time.

Robert and his family moved into the neighborhood over 25 years ago, before all the hype and publicity, most likely for its proximity to the beach as well as the interesting dynamic of culture that Venice has always had to offer, most notably centered around artistic expression.

Robert has lived in the same house with his family for 20 years, located right behind Abbot Kinney.

It's the perfect space for Robert to work on his art as well as play the music with his friends from around the neighborhood.

There's more than meets the eye in Venice, and that's what we love most about it. Almost everyone finds ways to express themselves creatively, and Robert Schwann is a shining example of someone who has found balance.

Here are some of his works throughout the years scattered throughout his house.

Thanks Robert for letting Helen come by and dive a little into your personal life. Hopefully you don't miss me too much now that we aren't neighbors. I have a feeling you're feeling alright about it.

That's Stuart, or Stewart. I'm not sure.