RIP Buttons

By helen

Surfers from around the world gathered in Malibu, California to celebrate the life of Buttons Kaluhiokalani.  Buttons was widely considered as the father of modern day surfing. He was 54 years old when he died of problems with lung cancer on November 2nd.

Buttons rode his first wave in Waikiki at the age of 7. He was the son of an army serviceman and Hawaiian mother. Buttons came of age in the time of Hawaiian greats like Gerry Lopez and Eddie Aikau. In the 1970s he helped redefine what was possible on a surfboard and ushered the sport into new realms that laid the framework for modern day surfing along with his close friends Larry Bertlemann and Mark Liddell.

In a recent interview for SURFER, Buttons credited his inspiration in the water to the famous Dogtown skate scene happening almost 3,000 miles away in California. “I was watching Tony, Jay Adams, and watching them skate and I connected the dots,” he said. “I was doing stuff I couldn’t even dream of doing. I did some crazy things. But you know, brah, I just did stuff that felt good.”

This past Saturday we gathered in Malibu at Surfrider Beach to celebrate a life of inspiration, dedication, family, style and aloha!

Thank You and Rest In Power, Buttons!

Sarlo and Jesse Faen among other friends and family, friends Jay Adams, Jeff Ho were also at the paddle out.