Party Time from La Brea to Silver Lake

By garrett

There's a lot going on tonight in the city of Los Angeles tonight. Get out there and get some.


We will be hosting Steven Taylor and his latest photo exhibition "Neon." As well as checking out our latest spring collection now available online and in stores. Also we will be giving out gift bags to the first 20 people in attendance and there will be a raffle for FREE FRAMES!!


Pop over to our homegirls Kelsey and Michelle's Art Gallery, Gusford, just down the street on Melrose for some rad naked lady paintings by Dorielle Caimi. Donuts and Ladies, could it get any better?


Or our homeboys over at Mohawk General Store that do it so proper. I've made a decision that from here on out, my money that I spend on fashion for myself is going to Kevin Carney and his wife Bo. They just got the best stuff for me.


And last but definitely not least, OUR NEIGHBORS! Right next to us on La Brea, Andy and Rose from A Plus R will be showcasing some extraordinary Danish Designs.