Parachute Market

By Garrett

This weekend we joined our fellow creative Angelenos in a special showcase of designed in Los Angeles objects curated by Parachute Market for the general public. The team over at PM does a great job of finding the right people who are truly the creative heartbeat of this city. The event features a variety of crafts from furniture to jewelry to custom poetry. That's right, there was a girl that literally will write a poem for you on the spot based off one word that you give her. I find that interesting, wouldn't be all that difficult for me to do, but still, relatively original. In any case, we were honored to support and join our fellow Angelenos in a celebration of modern design. A gathering of designers, craftsman, artists, poets, and entrepreneurs with an extra splash of downtown vibes. 

I will say that I was scared to ask any of the vendors what the price of their items were, especially furniture.  Maybe I just have a stigma against that because I've had a friend or two that just charge what seems to be outrageously large amounts for newly made modern furniture. For example, to me, that beautiful credenza looks like it should cost $595. I mean it looks like a million bucks, it just seems like, based on what I'm looking at, materials, form, etc. $595 feels right. I have no idea what that costs but I wouldn't be surprised if it was double. 

I am obsessed with this plant and I want it. Please someone tell me exactly what this plant is called and where I might be able to find one. 

Met two cool dudes who started a blanket company called Campover. Check them out @_campover. I like what they are doing. These blankets came in beautiful colors and had a nice feel and thickness to them. I think I might have found them most interesting because I'm a new dad and we are always sitting on the grass and using old blankets. So this just seemed like exactly what I needed. But I am also always sold when the owner of a company is just really down to earth and passionate. That's the vibe I got from these guys, and they are worthy of your time and money.

This desk / bookshelf was beautiful as well, but another piece I was afraid to ask about the price. Let's not jump to conclusions here, and if you do see something you like, I fully support your research, because these items could have been extremely well priced, and in fact maybe that's what I was afraid of? Because I didn't need any of them.

Loved these coffee cups and hoping to see them in my friend's new coffee shop. 

This was right across from our booth and a refreshing colorful display to look at all weekend.

Was a great place to hand out Spectacle, considering the Angeleno vibes.

Lisa Solberg is a genius and I love her work. She had the 24 hour psychic pop-up as a bar and she made these coasters that were a hit. "Fuck It" was the theme of the weekend.

The highlight of the weekend had to be Quincy Jones' presence at the opening event on Friday night. This is not a picture of him (obviously). This is a picture of a new artist he is producing. Quincy is actually seated behind him, to the left, I think you can see his hand at the bottom left of the photo. It was awesome to be at the same party as the legend and hear him speak a little bit about this kid and his music. 

Only in California would a vendor bring sand downtown. Gotta love the effort to round out this event and make it a true Los Angeles experience from East to West.

I wasn't lying about the poem gal, there she is. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Parachute Market, they are worth a visit.