NoMad Dinner

By Garrett

Last week we had the distinct pleasure of hosting a private dinner at the NoMad for some of the industry's most influential editors, designers, buyers, and just all-around good people in general. It was truly an honor to throw such an event and have it feel like an organic gathering of friends as opposed to a forced press event showcasing our collection. At the end of the day, I never imagined that people of this caliber, working for some of the world's best department stores, magazines, blogs, trade shows, and designers, would come to support me and my creations. 

It's an evening I will never forget. Check out some of the highlights from the gathering on the NoMad Rooftop.

We gave the crew a sneak peak of some of the Fall 15 GLCO frames, something we've never done before. So if you are a fan and check into our blog regularly, you are getting a little preview of what's to come in six months. Time to take a screenshot and zoom.

Christopher Corrado and Josh Peskowitz have been great friends for quite some time, and they are basically brothers from another mother. Apparently, they were seriously vibing the vintage samples they found hidden at the bottom of the briefcase and snapped this insta moment that probably gave Elena a heart attack.

It's been an absolute pleasure working with Mark McNairy. Dude is seriously one of a kind. Check out the Pinehurst which releases tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I didn't get enough time to converse with Miguel, which seriously was a bummer. If you're listening Miguel, this is all the more reason to do this again and seat you next to me. 

Justin Min is a riot to say the least. Meeting Justin at a big event is one thing, but Justin in an intimate setting is a whole nother thing. I met him at our Standard event last year in NYC, but this time around I got to see a side of J that I won't likely forget.

This sums it up. McNairy x Corrado.

See...brothers from another mother. They got the same smile going without even knowing it. And it seems like Elena doesn't mind that they found the broken samples that she specifically asked me not to let anyone play with.

NoMad did an excellent job with this meal. I highly suggest going to the Nomad and checking out their food, drinks, Kitsune store, and hotel in general. It's probably one of my favorite hotel experiences. Thanks for everything.

Garrett Munce & Byron Peart, representing GQ and Want Les Essentials, are two of the best people on the planet. This isn't bullshit as far as I'm concerned. It's true.

Can't believe Nickelson landed at JFK from Madrid and basically came straight to my event. That's unbelievable and meant so much to me. I would have completely understood a no-show, but that kind of follow-through speaks volumes. Thanks Mr. Wooster. 

Another missed opportunity as I didn't get enough time with Angela from T Magazine. Sorry Angela, I'll be back to NYC and we'll hang, if you want to of course.

I owe a lot to Bruce Pask who now works at Bergdorf Goodman, but when I met him he was working at the New York Times T Magazine. When I first opened A. Kinney Court, Bruce graciously interviewed me regarding my vintage assortment of OP frames, specifically the O'Malley, and published a story in the Sunday T section that really created our initial fan base and helped put us on the map. I owe a lot to Pesko for making that introduction, and a lot to Bruce for feeling that my story was deserving of that level of press.

Maria is the founder and CEO of our PR agency and has done an incredible job of spreading the GLCO message and creating a true environment that represents me and my brand. I thank her dearly for that. As for Corinna Williams, I actually met her two weeks before this and she was the bomb. Next time I'm in Berlin we are hanging. And y'all know Elena Doukas.

Shout out to Jeff Carvalho of Selectism who has always supported our creative endeavors. He is the man!

It was fun sitting across from Moti at the dinner. A true New Yorker from Coney Island, which I think is pretty rare. First I've ever met anyway. From Coney Island, that is.

What can I say about Sarah? To know her is to love her. Thanks for splitting the meal with me. 

Berkowitz is the man and held it down for Details. Gotta give you a hand for filling Eugene's shoes in his absence. Big shoes to fill, and you brought your own shoes. Love you for that.

Pesko, sorry you got sick the next day my dude. 

Since this is coming across a little bit like an Oscar speech, I might as well finish what I started. Thank you Maxime, as you know this would have been impossible without you. Thank you GLCO team, you know who you are. Special thank you to Anna Blode for taking all these photos. I honestly still can't believe that this great dinner occurred and that everyone was so happy and grateful to be invited and that it just took place so organically. I know I've said it enough, but I had to just finish with that.