Mido Milano 2014

By garrett

For sure my favorite thing about trade shows is getting to see my european team. We've built a family of reps that is really happy to work for us and we are happy to work with them as well. I'm not afraid to say that Milan isn't my favorite destination that I go to every year, but the GLCO team makes it that much easier to have fun.

This year, Charles found us an extra rad apartment for our sales meeting, pre-tradeshow. We all met up for breakfast and a full day of learning the new collection and hearing how everything is going in each individual territory.

Charles whipped up some scrambled eggs with mushroom and tomatoes, literally 1 hour after landing in Milan. It was a good start to the trip.

Tons of weird cool things in this apartment. I wonder what the owners are into.

This is our spanish rep Helena, and her husband on the right behind us.

I drink lots of tea.

Finished the day with a team dinner at Deus Machina recently opened in Milan.

Amazing collection of cameras.

This was our biggest booth yet. Was exciting to start discussing what and when the next move will be for a new booth. Expecting slight modifications to the next show in Paris in September, and then a huge revamp in 2015. Exciting!

New frames for big headed people!

All packed and ready to go.

Gaelle's got things under control at Mido.